If you have been injured because of a dangerous drug or defective medical device then please call a qualified personal injury attorney. Elkus & Sisson, P.C. has the skilled and experienced attorneys to get fair compensation for your injuries.

Why You Can Collect Compensation

There are many drugs and medical products placed on the market despite serious health risks to the consumer. Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to adequately test their products and ensure they are safe for public consumption, but all too often these companies rush this process or fail to adequately warn consumers of the risks.

The innocent patient, unaware of the dangers and risks involved, may experience lifelong illnesses, severe permanent injuries, continual pain, organ damage, heart impairment, stroke or even death. When a pharmaceutical company places the public at risk like this, they must be held accountable for their negligent, dangerous conduct. At Elkus & Sisson, P.C., we work hard to ensure that our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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While there are countless dangerous drugs on the market, our firm concentrates on helping clients who have been injured due to transvaginal pelvic mesh surgery.

Transvaginal pelvic mesh, used to treat prolapsing pelvic organs and urinary incontinence. This procedure has been deemed high-risk by the FDA, yet surgeons continue to use it, despite the potentially serious complications.

Pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers who place the public at risk must be held accountable for their conduct. If you have been injured or harmed as a result of consuming or using dangerous drugs or defective medical products, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim and may be entitled to receive compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and more.

Skilled & Experienced Attorneys on Your Side

When you hire our dangerous drugs and defective medical products attorneys, you will receive the personalized attention you are looking for, as well as the aggressive legal representation you need. Using an individualized and interactive approach, our personal injury lawyers work closely with their clients to come up with the effective strategies that protect your interests. If you have been injured as a result of a dangerous drug or a defective medical product, we will be there to help you through every step of the legal process.

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