When a pedestrian or a bicyclist is injured in an accident, the resulting injuries can be incredibly serious, and can leave you with expensive medical costs, lost wages, or a permanent disability. In addition to serious injury, pedestrian and bicycle accidents can also result in death.

Because of the serious nature of these accidents, it is important that you speak with a Denver personal injury attorney who is familiar with pedestrian and bicycle accident cases. At Elkus & Sisson, P.C., we know that proving liability in these types of cases requires careful investigation, strategic preparation, and aggressive representation. We are committed to helping our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to so that they can begin to recover and move forward.

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Why it is Important to Seek Damages

After an accident, many people are overwhelmed and don’t think to contact a lawyer. However, the help of a Denver pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney can be invaluable.

Victims of bicycle accidents and pedestrian accidents typically can seek damages from both the insurance company of the driver and their own medical insurance company. A successful injury claim can help you receive compensation for a variety of expenses associated with your accident.

At Elkus & Sisson, P.C., our personal injury attorneys are prepared to investigate every possible avenue to ensure you receive the financial assistance you are entitled to.

What You May be Entitled To

  • Medical bills
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain & suffering
  • Household help


If you’ve been in a pedestrian accident or a bicycle accident, you need a Denver personal injury attorney who has experience handling these types of cases. With over 15 years of experience, we are prepared to put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Even if you are dealing with a driver who was uninsured or underinsured, our attorneys will help you seek compensation from under your own car insurance policy’s uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

We know that dealing with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident or bicycle accident is distressing, but we are dedicated to helping you through this process from start to finish.

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