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Disputes in the business world are quite common and can involve an array of different scenarios and disagreements. Some disputes can be relatively minor, such as a disagreement over a provision in a purchase order, or they can be extremely complex and involve multi-million-dollar corporate mergers and other transactions.

In many instances, business disputes can be resolved outside of a courtroom through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, etc. Though, there are some business disputes that can only be resolved in a court with a judge and/or jury.

If you are involved in a business dispute in Colorado, it is important to take the time to speak with an experienced business dispute attorney sooner rather than later

Common examples of business disputes

Business disputes can arise in a variety of circumstances, but there are certain types of disputes that occur with greater frequency. Here are some examples of common business disputes that arise in Colorado and elsewhere:

  • Alleged breach of contract
  • Disputes between employers and employees
  • Disputes between business entities
  • Disputes between business partners

Let’s take a look at each of the examples provided above.

Alleged breach of a business contract

An alleged breach of a business contract or disagreement is one of the most common forms of disputes that arise in the business world. This is because the provisions contained within a contract are legally binding. As a result, if a party bound by the contract is alleged to have violated the terms or failed to comply with the terms of the contract, there could be a basis for legal action by the aggrieved party.

Disputes between employers and employees

The dynamics between employers and employees are complex and can become tricky to navigate, especially if an employee is let go or if an employer is alleged to have acted inappropriately. Examples of employment-related disputes include:

  • Alleged workplace discrimination based on an employee’s gender, race, age, disability, marital status, etc. 
  • Disagreement related to compensation
  • Disagreement related to maternity leave, sick leave, vacation, etc. 
  • Allegations that an employee was wrongfully terminated 

In these disputes, there are a myriad of state and federal laws an employer must understand to effectively defend themselves in court.

Disputes between business entities

When a dispute arises between two businesses, it could be based on an alleged breach of contract (as described earlier), or another legal violation such a copyright infringement, trademark infringement, etc. When a dispute arises between two Colorado companies, it may be possible to resolve the matter without having to spend a significant amount of resources in court. It may be possible to reach an amicable resolution via mediation or arbitration. 

Disputes between business partners

It is an unfortunate reality – partners who may have successfully created and built a business could have their relationship damaged due to a business-related dispute. One of the most common disputes between business partners involves one partner deciding to leave the business, a change in leadership within the corporate hierarchy, and financial disputes. When these disputes arise, it is extremely important to retain the services of a skilled and seasoned business dispute attorney to ensure your legal rights are protected and can take steps to try and resolve the disagreement as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Why you may need a lawyer to represent you in a business dispute

If you find yourself embroiled in a legal dispute related to your business, the prospect of dropping a truck load of money into hiring a lawyer is not appealing. You may even ask yourself, “Is hiring a Colorado business dispute lawyer worth the time and effort?” The answer, for most business owners, is a resounding yes. Why? Because the laws and regulations governing business transactions, hiring and firing employees, starting a business, closing a business, etc. are complex and confusing. An experienced and knowledgeable business dispute attorney can help you navigate these complex laws and provide important advice to help ensure you are in the best position possible if a business dispute arises. 

When to consult with a business litigation attorney

The timing of when to consult with a business litigation attorney in Colorado depends largely on the type of dispute you are involved in. If, for example, you have been served with a Complaint, or other document indicating that a formal legal action is being brought against you, then  you should contact a business litigation attorney right away. Why? Because there are specific deadlines that you must adhere to if someone has filed a civil lawsuit or other formal legal proceeding. Speaking with a lawyer will help ensure you know these deadlines and respond appropriately. 

What to look for in business dispute attorneys

If you need a business dispute attorney in Colorado, there are certain traits and accolades to look for when assessing candidates for your business attorney. One of the most important traits to look for in an attorney is actual experience. You should also make sure that a lawyer’s experience is actually in business dispute and business litigation. 

In addition to experience, you also need to make sure you hire an attorney with a reputation for providing top-notch representation. A great way to determine if a prospective attorney possesses this trait is to search independent lawyer-rating services such as Avvo, Martindale-Hubbell, Better Business Bureau, etc.

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